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 Well today was mostly consumed by cleaning up my corner of the house. It was exhausting and gross but I made a whole bunch of room and removed some things that were causing me stress on an every day basis. Maybe this therapy thing is actually alright!

A video game thing that I actually DID do, however, was build a Maker course. My creation for today was my first underwater stage. Feedback from players seems to suggest it's on the harder side of sane but I'm still doing my best to not make nightmare courses, as that seems to be the standard for most players out there. I titled it "Queen Cheep's Treasure Trove" and it's available to play on your Wii U via the course code:


It was super fun to puzzle out how to make an interesting and challenging water level. It made me really hope that someday we can tile in water to a ground level and mix and match the terrain like in SMB 3.

I may play a handful of Splatoon rounds before bed but I think I'm pretty much tapped out for the evening. I have a few more days of rest before I head back to work though. Should probably try to just chill out tomorrow.

P.S. I got an Amiibo today. It was Luigi. He's my first. THE YEAR OF LUIGI NEVER ENDS.

P.P.S. This totally made my night... Charles Martinet played Super Mario Maker.


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